Music for the soul

There has always been a connection between music and creativity. I guess that certain songs acts like a fuel for a person’s mind and make it soars.

For me, music has always been a major factor in my art. While each genre fits certain occasion, for me, I always liked ‘chill-out’ music while I work.

So, I’ve decided to share with you my soundtrack while I perform a retouch in photoshop.

1. No One On Earth (Chill Out Mix) by Above & Beyond

2. A Perfect Lie (Theme Song) [Gabriel & Dreden Remix] – The Engine Room (Nip/Tuck Soundtrack)

3. As The Rush Comes (Gabriel & Dresden Chill Out Mix) – Motorcycle

4. Under (Morgan Page Remix) – Morgan Page

5. Young Blood (Renholdër Remix) – The Naked and Famous

6. Sleep (Chilled) – Conjure One

7. Pjanoo (Afterlife Remix) – Eric Prydz

8. Rapture (Soulside Mix) – iiO

9. Clear Senses (Urban Breathe Remix) – Liluca

What’s your music?

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Chen Danielle Plecel | an amazing beauty portrait session

So, after couple of weeks, it was time to start using the new elinchrom studio flash-head….on a real person. Since I got my studio flash-head with a ‘beauty-dish’, I though that I should go for a beauty-session (haven’t done that kind of a session with a dedicated equipment yet). Lucky for me, I found an amazing local model by the name Chen, which was happy to pose for me (and get a lovely set of new photos). I also found an outstanding make-up-artist (or, ‘MUA’), because If you’re doing a beauty-session, might as well have someone who could help you with it.

a beauty portrait session collage

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Model Release | What you need to know (in a nutshell)

Not once we are forced to sign a paper in our live. Some are important and some are not. The common thing about all these paper, contracts or release forms is that they have committing legal binding between several parties…and no, you really shouldn’t be afraid of it. Not every legal form that you sign on says that you’re in trouble now. One of the greatest advantages of a model-release is that fact that the people who are involved in it, know the boundaries of their relationships.

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Happy new gear | Elinchrom’s™ flash-head

For some time now, I wanted to improve my studio capabilities. Although having tried to shoot in a controlled environment before, I needed more professional tools to maximize the results.

After researching and checking various flash-units and light-modifiers, I came to a conclusion that the most affective piece of equipment would be a flash-head with a ‘beauty-dish’ so I could get punchy images of head-shots with style (mainly for fashion / make-up purposes). So, I’ve purchased a new Elinchrom™ D-lite 4 it flash-head with a 44cm white beauty-dish which is an awesome piece of equipment for beauty headshot portraits. First results soon… ;)

Elinchrome D-lite 4 it flash head

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So… It’s been a while since I last posted here on the blog, and for that I’m very sorry but I have been busy (which sometimes is a good thing).

I can’t express enough how much I love what I do. I’m not just taking photos- for me it doesn’t end there. Creating art composed of so much things… inspiration, imagination, equipment, subject, theme and patience. A good artist knows how to combine all these into a unique work. That’s the real trade of the pros.

This is an image that I took last year, but didn’t really understood the real potential of it. Since last year, I’ve made a lot of progress in post-processing knowledge. Last night I sat in front of my Mac Pro and worked with Adobe’s Photoshop CS6. It took a couple go hours, but I think the result speaks for itself.

More new work to come…. ;) A headshot portrait of a female model

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Eatable Textures | yummy…. ;)

Eatable Textures | various food close-up shots

It’s Shavu’ot holiday in the jewish calendar, and that means family dinner with lots of great dishes. Lasagnas, casseroles and cheese-themed pies are making for a terrific opportunity to take some food photography shots.
One of the most important guideline in this genre is to out emphasis on texture and surroundings. Since photographers can’t really deliver the scent of their subjects, they use different ways to deliver their message.

In this example, I’ve taken three close-up shots of three different dishes and decided to present them in a collage, so that the combination of them will gap the lack of surrounding that I wasn’t able to capture this time.

Bon-appetite ;)

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Dana | an amazing beauty shot

About a week ago I’ve asked my amazing wife if she could pose for me for some test shot. After several request and a promise by me to wash the dishes for two weeks, she said ‘yes’….

A beauty headshot portrait of a female model

Dana | a beauty headshot portrait

So what is a ‘beauty’ shot and why do you need one? Well, a ‘beauty’ shot is usually a close-up shot on the model’s face (a female model for the most), where’s an emphasis on clean, elegant and attractive presentation with the aid of some make-up. Some beauty-shot are high-key (with a lot of light) and some are more ‘conventional’.

An aspiring model should always consider a beauty-shot in her portfolio.

I would love to read comments and thoughts on ‘beauty’ shots. Feel free to leave them :)

Ariel Cohen

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The Avensis

For sometime now I’ve been wanting to engage in automotive photography. Lucky for me, my father decided to sell his 2010 Toyota Avensis and needed some pictures…. The result is more of a concept ad that I really loved. Hope you will too.

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L your senses

Here’s a shot product fine-art showcasing Canon’s EF 100mm f/2.8L IS USM Macro lens that I took earlier today.
This video was filmed with my Canon EOS 7D and Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM lens.

Enjoy :)

* This is NOT a commercial. The author is NOT affiliated with Canon Inc.

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Alisa | Senior Portrait Session

A few days ago I went for a senior portrait session in Tel-Aviv…. This time I took shots of lovely Alisa… which is a great opportunity  to talk a bit about ‘senior portraiture’.

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